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Signal Integrity

The operating speed of transistors is increasing day by day putting challenges before Engineers to design boards, which are working at very high speed, if care is not taken to look into Signal Integrity aspects. Highest Functionality efficiency can be achieved by taking care of these issues at the board design level. We support in this specific field to our clients.

PCB Design SI Analysis
Pre and Post layout Signal Integrity solutions and expert advice are provided to have a better functionality of the board regarding Time Delays, EMI, EMC, Cross Talks, and Ground Bounce for the High Speed Designs and Signal Propagation.
PCB Design SI Analysis
In the Pre-route stage, SI analysis is done to select technology for I/Os, clock distributions, chip package types, component types, board stackups, pin assignments, net topologies and termination strategies.
PCB SI Analysis
Post-route SI analysis is implemented to verify the correctness of the SI design guidelines and constraints. It checks SI violations in the current design, such as reflection noise, ringing, crosstalk and ground bounce.

Thermal Analysis

Power dissipation is an important issue in present-day PCB design which results in temperature difference, posing Thermal problems to sensitive devices. Excess heat also negatively affects electrical performance and safety. Removing the heat effectively is a critical issue to be resolved and XxiLLENCE Inc. is supporting our clients for getting the best functionality of designs.

PCB Thermal Analysis
Thermal analysis for the design, which are to be used in the high temperature environment, to see the functionality like Heating Pattern where rise in temperature has critical effects..
PCB Thermal Analysis
Reports are generated to see the Board temperatures zones for corrections.
PCB Thermal Analysis
Metal Core Designs are simulated to verify the cooling effects and rectifications.
PCB Thermal Analysis
Board Level Analysis to check for Signal Integrity behaviour due to temperature variations.
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